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Sunday, June 15, 2003  

Mr. President.
APJ Abdul Kalam. This man amazes me with his undying enthusiasm. Consistency is his hallmark and passion, an asset that is very contagious (as noted by most that have had the chance to be with him). It is almost a year since he began changing the rules that dictated Presidency and one’s interest in all that he does hasn’t waned a bit, thanks to never-before-seen media coverage (imagine his shocked barber, who gained limelight in the process). It is his simplicity, amidst all the attention, that separates him from the herd. The message that his election to the highest post of the country may send to governments elsewhere (“Nuclear Scientist heading a Republic”) is immaterial as long as the youth of today hear what they should. So far so good!

He has the right mixture of intellect and experience to guide India into a new era of constitutional integrity (check out his speech at the International Parliamentary Conference) and technological supremacy. He has been on the forefront of a field in which India has, proudly, been on par with the most advanced nations for a long time. He knows what it is like to be a leader, not just an ordinary one, but one of the best. This would have been the perfect solution that we all have been looking for had it not been for the other factors that become part of the equation, like his organizational background (amounting to his being taken by surprise by Indian bureaucracy, filled with the choicest few of Indian intellects).

Nothing ever seems to be enough when it comes to having a closer look at this man’s life; journalistic society’s sustained attempts notwithstanding!

From vending Dinamani to Rashtrapathi Bhavan, his hair locks, his distinct stand (that children of India be given free access to meet him); we have read it all and still haven’t had enough. These are the men that raise the bar; these are the men that lead the mission, “Brand India”. We don’t stop until we see that happen, do we?

>> An interesting encounter.
>> News on the Rashtrapathi's e-Bhavan.
>> Hope his experiences at managing technical glitches prove handy when it comes to seeing off rigorous tests, thrown by the mediocrity that has been leading Indian political system. Gone are the days when the Rashtrapathi was a mere 'jewel', greeting a visiting dignitary, along with the First Lady, or just help spread the Maharaja’s wings across alien lands. Of course he still can’t hold a killer by the scruff of the neck and scream, “Get off my plane”!

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