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Friday, September 17, 2004  


The Release Candidate version of Mozilla Foundation's Firefox browser is available for download and it's already creating waves. IE's market share has taken a beating for the first time in the last 8 years [over the last few months]. Down by nearly 2%!

To me, the most interesting feature of the current version is the browser’s ability to sync with a site’s RSS feeds. If a site that you visit provides RSS feeds, the browser detects and places a button in the bottom bar to help add to your list [ has RSS and mine wouldn’t detect that...had to do it manually]. Say this: do away with Pluck!

Page Find has taken an interesting avatar. Watch for the flashing box, just above the bottom bar as you hit Ctrl+F. Get results as you type!

The new pop-up blocker is strikingly similar to IE’s [that came with SP2] and the difference is that pop-up’s url is provided.

Caret Browsing - hit F7 and text-select within a webpage as though it were an editor. More keyboard-shortcuts >

Not sure if managing bookmarks was this elaborate in the previous version. But address bar turning yellow upon hitting secure sites, is a nice touch. Tabbed browsing still rocks (‘open bookmarks in tabs’ come in handy)! While MS takes time to introduce this feature in IE, an upgrade has been available for sometime now.

As you dig deeper, Firefox excites you with its bag of "Tips and Tricks". Haven't got a chance to understand the syntax, but the possibility of setting your own preferences using code-pieces provided (or even use one's own) is thrilling. If you don't see Application Data folder under C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\ your Win Explorer has 'Do not show hidden files and folders' enabled, probably. Or better still, select Run Command, enter %AppData% and that opens the folder [as mentioned in the Help section].
[Code changes are effected when you restart the browser]

Spread Firefox. A Wonderful Alternative!

Update (Sep19 '04):
"In just under 100 hours, we have smashed through our one million download campaign--with 6 days still to go! This is the fastest adoption rate we have ever experienced, higher than every previous Firefox release."

Gadget round (as ever thanks to Gizmodo & Engadget):
Engadget has a picture on how Google’s office looked like, in 1999. Brings a smile!

Hand-held devices advance by the day. Innovations abound. Check this Scribble-Pad version from Phillips.

Great new cam from Olympus: 7 MP C-70 ZOOM

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