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Thursday, December 05, 2002  

Time Travel.Much as my interest in scribbling text after text on this blog seems to be ever-growing there seems to be a common interest around the globe in passing messages over time. Quite interesting as it may seem, I happened to come across one such endeavor from the pages of Rediff (long time back). The one that I am referring to is called 'Project KEO'. KEO is a satellite, which intends to carry messages from people of today to the generations of tomorrow, across a time span of 50,000 years (yes, you read it right, fifty thousand years)!If you have not reached out to your great-great...grandchild yet, click here (remember, the last date for the receipt of such messages is Dec,31,2002). Take this, KEO has been declared as the 'Project of the 21st century' by UNESCO (And yes, the 'Make no mistake...’-message was Bush's). Talking about 'bridges between today and tomorrow', the concept has been going on for sometime now and is generally referred to as 'Time Capsule' so much so that the term finds a place in Oxford Dictionary, according to the International Time Capsule Society. I also read an article saying that the kings of the past have followed a similar 'tradition' (with much less a fanfare of course). Not to be left out, some have virtual time capsules too.

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