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Friday, February 21, 2003  

Art of Business.

There’s been quite a lot of chatter over Google’s most recent purchase. Not to be left behind, here’s my part. After listening to Evan, which was interesting of course, and forgetting the technicalities behind his venture, I wandered into his near future when he needs to report to a boss and be committed to the corporate environs, when anxiety becomes a chore and confusion rules your day until you are quite settled…phew!
Future confusions apart, will guys like him, who are ‘fiercely independent’, and who started making a buck or two out of their own ideas, end up being just another frontier in a corporate makeover? Will such corporate bigwigs be able to appreciate and translate an individual’s idea into yet another success? Or to frame this very question from another perspective, what’s the reach of independence within a corporate framework and where does the thin-line bordering independence and team-work start and end?

Hoping to hear more from Ev…

Good luck Ev.

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