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Thursday, February 27, 2003  

Cut, pull and drive.
10-0-69-3. But for the sense of urgency towards the very end, Caddick's figures could've been far less pretty (yeah, I dare call it pretty coz Caddick thinks so. Catch his smile when he takes the prized wicket of Srinath, when you play the tape again).

Before Caddick even knew what hit him, the mayhem was over. Executed to perfection, by the Master. Pre-match slandering has now become a 'strategy' with most international teams. In a time when sledging (or "mental disintegration") is glorified, how different can it be off the field? Things are happening so fast that you are not left with much of a time to even understand the validity behind such 'tactics'.
Well, in those lines, it is not bad that Caddick wanted to try something. After all, he needs his piece of cake too. Only that Sachin made it too special, for him to even forget!

Some just talk while some prefer to perform. Between Caddick and Sachin, you might as well guess who did what.

After all the Caddick-bashing and Sachin-mataram that just passed by, let's not forget the match's highlights.

Treasures: Sachin's savage pull off Caddick, Yuvraj's acceleration, Dravid's late-innings throttle, Kaif's electric fielding, Srinath and Zaheer's accuracy (Trescothick's the man to tell you about that) and the best of all, Nehra's fiery spell and a deserving record.

Dinesh Mongia...aah, the power of silence!

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