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Saturday, February 01, 2003  

Laurel Clark's "Good Morning Houston...", to her own final words, "we are really excited to be coming back (pause) home.", ring poignantly in your ears even as you watch images of Columbia's falling debris. We have just witnessed another horrible moment in the history of man's scientific endeavours repeating itself. This just brings back memories of those long minutes that passed by, as we disbelievingly watched the second of WTC towers crash to earth. I am trying to express all that's going on in my mind, knowing fully well there is a distinct lack of flow, in what I am trying to say. This has become more of an emotional turmoil purely because of the loss of one of my country's eminent children apart from other such distinguished individuals of America and Israel. For a country that is already on the world's space map for over a quarter century and one that is on the verge of sending a mission to moon (within a decade's time), India losing a woman astronaut at this crucial point of time is a national calamity. Many a youngster has looked upon Kalpana Chawla as a source for inspiration. It should be a bigger loss to all of youth back in India, and here in America.

Not to be carried away during times of such emotional distress, let me stop with this, with a concluding statement that I simply cannot approve of such brutal reality.

A special report page, on the shuttle disaster could be found here.

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