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Tuesday, February 18, 2003  

'Men in Blue' under attack.
"Batting hiccup marks India's win in opener"

"India left dizzy by Gillespie"

These among many other scathing reports on Indian team's ongoing World Cup endeavour have only added fuel to the huge public backlash, not seen in a while. The days of constructive criticism are long gone. Do these reporters tell what their minds want them to or are they being guided by employer-policies (which might then be directed at 'wish of the public')?
Yes, the going is certainly not good for the Indian Cricket team. But don’t expect them to be the butt of all criticism for long. After all how long can fate (or 'quirks of reality', for the non-believers) keep the 'mighty' down? Being among the top few and edging out the competition for a handsome lead are the same, but for some fine adjustments known, of course, only to the "winners". I am no expert to comment on their performance, but my instinct points at a turnaround. This Indian team is, by far, the best that the World Cup has seen in terms of sheer talent, but somehow they are failing to bring their acts together and fire at the same time. We see Sachin blast McGrath to submission in the 5th over only to watch helplessly, the other player gift him a maiden (yep, I am talking about the 6-ball over) the next time around. A sport such as this is as much a mind game as it is physical, that a player of Ganguly's calibre (man, hasn’t he scored 8000-odd runs in the abridged version of the sport? hasn’t he been hailed as the best one-day player not until 2 months back? Stop getting the hell outta him, please.) goes clueless.

When we expect the magic application 'consistency' from our team, why not show some of it ourselves?? Going gaga one moment and hitting out at them, another, does no good for the country's image and for the team's morale. Admitted, nobody can take his/her place for granted, but who knows, patience could be fruitful.

On another front, John Wright seems to have some stiff competition from unexpected quarters! An auto rickshaw driver from Mumbai has sent videotape with suggestions, to the Indian team.

A crest follows a trough, in a progressive wave. If not any, nature is with you...Go India!

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