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Monday, March 31, 2003  

Defense Forces. Contrary to what the name suggests, there have been one too many added agenda in its mission, and that depends on whom they stand for. It took a day and the death of about 3000 civilians for America to integrate the policy of ‘Preemption’ into its ‘defense’ structure, whereas 12 years (of insurgency) and an estimated death of nearly 10000 innocent citizens (add to it, the death of 3000-odd security personnel) have yet to prompt the Indian government make one strong move, a pre-emptive one that is. Kashmir apart, blood and gore have reached the Northeast and other parts of the country through militant actions. Pointing at all instances that have provoked the Indian state is beyond the scope of this piece. However, referring to couple of recent incidents would help support the topic under discussion. One, aimed at Indians settled outside the country and the other, at people who for no fault of theirs live under perennial fear. Of the mentioned incidents, the first invoked quite a bit of Indian reaction, the effects of which may purely be diplomatic, whereas the second prompted nothing more than the usual responses of accusations and other such rhetoric.

The international community seems to do nothing more than join in the chorus on ‘what’s wrong and what’s right’ during such times. The United Nations Headquarters can as well be declared, a ‘World Heritage Site’. To top it all, the Arms Race has led both India and Pakistan to the summit, ‘Possession of Nuclear Arsenal’. While India has a remarkable future, its adversary seems preoccupied in declaring itself of not having any and its intentions of taking India down along with it. Imagine India opting for a pre-emptive strike. While the President of America carries, something called ‘nuclear football’, to unleash a nuclear strike, the numskull that operates the nation under attack (as per our hypothetical scenario), could as well have a button on his Television remote to do the same. Who knows! It is amid such confusion that any government in power (of India) has to operate and tackle provocations. A nation that professes PEACE now comes under the hammer for being a ‘soft state’ (a contentious notion really).

On the other end, the boneheads that promote radical thoughts and subversive plots hate anybody with rational-thinking, and because of this pre-determined stand, they seemed to have stopped thinking that way. The results are for everyone to see. It sure is going to take a lot more than available diplomacy to tackle such a political epidemic.

Follow-through: To wait for International Community’s remarks on the sufferings of Indians is all but a futile attempt. There could be something else after ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’, another bunch of fresh morons could launch an attack on Indian soil and still the leaders of the world would do nothing more than feel ‘sorry for the suffering’. There is no end to this menace until the government thinks on its own. Press, on its part, could certainly do a better job. It is sorry to note that while Cricket hogged the national headlines for a complete month and a half, the latest of attacks has already faded into oblivion.

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