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Saturday, March 01, 2003  

The God.
“World Cup ’03. India beats Pakistan by 6 wickets”.

Simply awesome! For a country deprived of glorious moments on the world stage, this was one experience that would be savored for a long, long time to come.

On a personal note, there has never been a more satisfied day’s cricket in my life. For as long as 'the God' was in the middle, the hearts of millions of Indians (mine included) would have pounded loud enough to have deafened a whole nation and the anxious ecstasy would remain etched in memories and in the history of the game like no other. What a player, what a talent! And what a way to silence all those who wanted him to perform ‘when it mattered’! Sheer class! One of a lifetime! Man, he is ‘The God’ of this sport.

A country that expects him to score a century every time he sets foot on the turf, cannot be more relieved to see him return to form in such an awesome manner. A string of low scores coupled with a niggling injury provided the perfect platform for this entertainer, to rise up and above all other mortals who grace this game. He could not have chosen a better stage than this (an Indo-Pak encounter) to prove his supremacy.

He was asked to bat low down the order ‘to provide solidity’ to the middle order, against his wishes. Agreed it was in the interest of the team. But if he alone were expected to carry the middle order, why do we need to pack a team with ‘6 other world-class batsmen’ (courtesy: corporate sponsors)? If a team depended so much on a performer like him, why would they not listen to his mind? This being as much a mind-game as any other, the team-management did a terrible mistake of spoiling his psyche. With all due respect to the other performers of the team, my request to the team would be, ‘respect your senior-most player’s wishes and allow us to enjoy more such glorious innings’. Yes, there would be those rare failures, but then don’t consider pushing him down the order as a permanent solution, instead try and develop a stronger middle order. Today's performances from Kaif, Dravid and Yuvraj bolster that point. If only consistency were to become a reality!

Thank You, Sachin. The country cannot be more grateful to you than it is today.

Help repeat ’83. Go India!!

And yes, for the uninitiated, ‘The God’ is the one and only Sachin Tendulkar!

Moving away from the ‘Hail-Sachin theme’, I would like to mention the performances of Dravid, Yuvraj, Kaif, Sehwag and all of the team’s bowlers as truly remarkable, considering the quality of the opposition.

I have tried to play a decent innings, now listen (and read) to what Sachin has to say about his own, and the victory...

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