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Thursday, March 27, 2003  

Many a slip...
For those faint-hearted Indian cricket fans that have so far carefully avoided reading a report on what transpired on the 23rd of March, for fear of reliving a gory day, it’s high time you returned to sanity. As a starter, find Prem Panicker’s final report here.

From what could have been a futile attempt at a tough endurance test, the experience turned into a memorable one, thanks to Sachin and the Indian team as a whole. Forget the final result, the team fought it out but for the brief lapse in concentration when Gilchrist and Ponting were going berserk.

Of the current lot, Kumble and Srinath may not get another chance to have a go at the cup but with a performance that sent expectations soaring, the team should be brimming with pride and confidence to definitely prevent the Aussies from running away with a hat trick. Yeah, that’s how hope works!

In hindsight, I think Kumble’s services were grossly under utilized. Also, I feel that there’s some innate talent in Dinesh Mongia that’s been sensed by the Captain alone. If some predictions are to be believed, those who get to watch the ‘07 cup will find it out (the talent, I mean)!

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