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Thursday, September 04, 2003  

"No games. Just Sports"

Leander is out of danger and we had hardly heaved a sigh of relief when the news of Jugraj Singh's injury hit us and Indian sports fraternity alike. Hope he recovers fast and betters the mark that he set at the just concluded Champions Trophy.

With hardly a year left, and a history that's not all too encouraging (3 medals in the last 20 years), we don't expect miracles from our men and women who are to carry India's flag and pride, at Athens 2004. But even amidst such a scenario, it's amazing to note that people like Anju George and Anjali Vedpathak Bhagwat go about doing what they do best, least disturbed by the burden of carrying a nation's hope. Not stopping with just these two, helping us to come out of the doldrums, are the performances of the archery team and the men's hockey team.

Having talked enough about our expectations, there’s something to cheer about on the efforts-front. Taking the lead, as ever, is the Army. Although, the initiative seems to have started in 2001, I didn’t get a way to know about that until I read this, at rediff’s. Operation Olympic Medal, now that sounds great.

“I have promised the prime minister that we will not return without a gold medal from Athens”, said India’s Sports Minister, Vikram Verma, at the end of The All India Sports Congress (that took place on the 26th of August, 2003 – the last one to be held was from April 2 to 4 in 1964!). I am not sure about the ministry’s contribution thus far, in realizing something like that, but after the briefing on what the Army can do, one’s got nothing but heaps of hope for the Beijing Games.

An inspiring step forward, yes, if only more could contribute towards the goal.

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