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Tuesday, December 16, 2003  

Cheers to Dravid. History Scripted!

India beats Australia
in Australia
in a Test Match.

What better chant than this, in this day of Success, to Indian cricket! And what better Reward than this, to the patient fans!

Yes there was contribution from every member of the Team, but undeniably it has been Dravid's Test Match. It's his Day. Ganguly is only too happy to vote for it.

Finally, as The Captain rightly said, we still have two more to go, before the true riches could be reaped. Go India!

Stump Vision:
"Take that, Bullies" screamed the headline in New Delhi's afternoon paper Today and reminded readers of Australian batsman Matthew Hayden's pre-series assessment that Dravid was "afraid of playing shots" and Laxman was "scared of fast bowling."

"It is not adult behaviour to gloat or rub people's noses in the error of their ways, but then it is not adult either to slag off the opposition in a manner that can only be described as pathological," wrote columnist Sharda Ugra.

"There is actually a very handy word for big strong guys who feel compelled to launch the verbals at anyone they perceive as weaker or anyone they want to make feel small.

"They are not called sledgers or mental disintegration experts. They are called bullies."

~ ABC Sport.

>> Coming as it did on the heels of the Kolkatta Test, this belonged to the attractive brand of Test Cricket. One that has been Great Advertisement to the Game. More Comments from Greg Chappell.
>> Match Report with Scorecard.
>> A Wisden Archive on 'The Wall'.
>> A feature on Bombay Duck.
>> Final Quote: "Don't go by how they look, we have plenty of tough guys. Rahul, Laxman, Kumble, Zaheer, Ajit, they are all very strong in their head. I am proud of them." ~ Ganguly, when asked if his team was not intimidated by Australia.

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