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Sunday, January 04, 2004  

Cricket and Surprises!
At the end of the third day of the fourth test between Australia and India, it certainly looks rosy for Indian supporters. But the reason this post is here is an interesting situation that arose during Langer's stay.
This is what Rediff's commentator had to say:
"Langer, on 67, survived a huge leg-before appeal against Kumble. The bowler ended up right in front of umpire Steve Bucknor at the end of his follow through and Bucknor said he couldn't give a decision because his view was blockled. Replays suggested the ball may have gone on to hit the stumps." >>

How strange!

This is another incident that may hinder the Game's popularity. Something has to be done about LBW dismissals and soon. I do not understand why the dismissal was not referred to the Third Umpire. Third Umpire was brought into the game as a much wanted feature. And to restrict his role in such cases is unfair. Langer was on 67 when the incident happened and he went on to score 50 more runs! Think ICC better look into these things before venturing into Argentina and China, spreading its wings.

The match is over. Australia saved the test. Ganguly and his team retain Border-Gavaskar Trophy. But these conclusions werent arrived at with no controversies. Agarkar-Langer duel proved that. Continuing on the above argument that a bit of technology should certainly be availed of, here's more from Cricinfo's authors:
>> On Age and Technology.
>> Give Hawk-Eye a chance.

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