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Monday, August 16, 2004  


Olympics has returned to its home and exciting things are happening already.
Yesterday's shock defeat, handed over to *favorites* America by *tiny* Puerto Rico (an American colony) was memorable.

Reminds one of bygone days when a similar event nearly happened:
"The Indian team landed at the Tilbury docks near London on March 10, 1928, en route to Amsterdam. After witnessing the Indian jugglers’ game in the Folkstone Hockey Festival, defending champions England, gold winners at the 1908 and 1920 Olympics, lost their enthusiasm. The English decided to withdraw from the Olympics to avoid defeat at the hands of a 'subject' people. Britain never played India as long as it remained its colony." [Bhartiya Hockey]

Every four years as the Sporting Extravaganza opens and closes, one couldnt help but recollect Indian Hockey's Glory days. When the world watched our men in awe. It has been long since these Master Craftsmen dispelled the myth that rode with Gene-theories.
While almost every sporting nation rejoices over their men/women's present-day successes, we have nothing but a bunch of articles on *those wonderful days*.

In this year's event, Anjali Bhagwat's loss has been the most difficult one to digest. Nearly so with Kunjarani's.
But not everything is lost, the Lee-Hesh pair are into the Second Round of the Doubles' event and the men's Hockey team could still make it to the next round. The athletic team led by Anju, could have a trick or two.

Let's Hope!

UPDATE Aug17: Rediff link.
Picture courtesy: Rediff

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