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Thursday, August 12, 2004  

A different kind of "Battle Field"

Microsoft had to deal with criticisms for a long long time, while Apple played the 'good boy' role to the hilt. That was until the "Konfabulator Story" came out.[ Thanks Prasad ]

"Arlo Rose is outraged at the similarity of Apple's Dashboard, previewed earlier Monday by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, to his Konfabulator, a $25 Macintosh program. Both programs allow easy access to small programs called Widgets, which can perform a number of useful little tasks."

[ An earlier Apple promo that takes a dig at Microsoft ]

Downhill's the easy part. Apple's higher-ups should already be busy. The problem with Real hasn't lost heat yet and here comes another blow. It's a difficult world being on Top.

Is Gates smiling?

An excellent Text-to-Voice app [via Slashdot].
More such...
Now, a Microsoft Research Project: Video-to-Animation [again via Slashdot].

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