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Monday, August 16, 2004  


India celebrated its Independence Day on the 15th and Rediff came out with a timely article on a group of 'forgotten nationalists'. For one who had shown decent level of interest on Indian History, this seemed like a remarkable discovery. Why didnt our School History texts cover such an important part of India's Freedom Movement? Perhaps our nation's educationists are still possessed by pre-independence British spirits!

The story also takes us to a previous rediff post on the same topic by Rajeev Srinivasan. One in which he did make sense, for the most part. But couldnt restrain himself from coming up with yet another "intelligent observation". Read this:
"...Interestingly it is those from South India, those whose Indian identity is sometimes questioned, who are constructing this unambiguous nationalistic response."
Oh yeah, read through the entire article and see if that still makes sense.

For all the knowledge that he exhibits, callous (crude) statements spread over allotted column-space have become an annoying trademark. This one here titled, "Dealing with the Tigers: India's tightrope options" has been one of his irritating best. Watch for his constant urge to voice Tamil-Malayali differences. [ Yes, it's been a while since he wrote that, but the recent one brings back memories ] Education, to some, is a path to ignorance.

Forgotten nationalists to nationalists with contrived opinions. Quite a journey!

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