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Wednesday, September 22, 2004  

"...we didnt name it DVD by Mail"

- said Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings when queried about the company's next step. And that next step would be, DVD movies through internet. Closer to reality, especially if the deal (which is all but done) with TiVo is finalized. Needless to say, both parties will benefit immensely from such a move. Sleepless nights for the rest of the competition begin.

Current options include Movielink and Cinema Now. Liked movielink better (has a better collection). Great way to maximize broadband experience!

While this goes on, the other steaming hot sector - music download - takes a whole new route. Instant Messaging. Yahoo and MS, have decided to use IM to launch themselves up against Apple's iTMS. Yahoo's MusicMatch purchase could surprise the expected strong players.

Three Degrees from MS does that already. It's still in the Beta phase but features are exciting ["...a Windows Peer-to-Peer Networking application that allows you to listen to a shared play list, send digital photos, and initiate group chats with MSN Messenger"]. Developed by a small team, the application showcases IM possibilities.

Playlist share is the highlight: "Group members can create playlists of 60 songs, or the equivalent of five or six CDs. The songs are played from the participant's hard drive, rather than being illegally swapped. Songs can be in Windows Media Audio, MP3 or WAV formats." >>

For now, only Windows XP users with broadband connection can enjoy Three Degrees (name, derived from 'six degrees of separation').

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