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Friday, September 10, 2004  

Windows world

It was indeed a let-down when SP2 was tested. Too much hype did its bit. But for the firewall and certain catch-up acts with IE, no obvious change is seen with the stop-gap arrangement.

Security has been tightened they say. Turn off Kerio (that runs on my system), pop-ups and adwares take charge immediately. Wonder how these smart guys, who have taken arms up against Windows, manage enough resources to sneak past time and again. While the corporate giant struggles to release its next major release (and its 3 yrs already since the last)...reason pointed out being, lack of resources!!

Understood, the scale is different, but when Apple releases feature-filled upgrades one after the other (Mac's Tiger will be out early next year) as an avid PC user, one just gets a little frustrated.

Longhorn client by late 2006? Even as that is late enough, I dont believe that's going to happen...will be happy though, if it arrives!

Thanks to Channel9, words from the Group Vice President for Platforms at Microsoft, Mr.Jim Allchin:

1. Microsoft is reaffirming our commitment for broad availability of the Windows “Longhorn” Client in 2006.

2. Microsoft plans to make elements of Longhorn’s WinFX programming model available for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. This will enable developers to write WinFX applications that run on hundreds of millions of PCs and offer these next generation of applications sooner. Specifically, Microsoft plans to deliver the “Avalon” and “Indigo” pillars of Longhorn’s WinFX programming model for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.

3. We originally planned to ship a new data storage system codenamed “WinFS” when we released the Longhorn Client. In order to deliver Longhorn’s innovations to customers as quickly as possible, we now intend to deliver WinFS after the initial availability of Longhorn client. We continue to be committed to WinFS. It is expected to beta when Longhorn client is broadly available.

>> Channel 9, btw, is a cool new way to keep in touch with Microsoft Work [via prasad].

Update: Windows Market Place

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