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Wednesday, January 26, 2005  

Ashvin Kumar's

"Little Terrorist tells the moving story of a Pakistani Muslim boy who accidentally crosses the Pakistani-Indian border which is riddled with landmines. Arriving in a strange country which regards him as a terrorist, he is taken in by the old orthodox Hindu Bhola, who hides him from the Indian soldiers." (15 mins)

The movie has received world wide recognition (including the First Prize at Montreal World Film Festival in a 157-film competition). Ashvin assembled the multinational crew through a website (Shooting People), that helps film-makers interact. His earlier movie, Road to Ladakh (48mins) is being remade into a full-length feature [reminded of Bharat Bala's "Hari Om"]

Now to the Academy Awards. Good luck.

+ To-watch list: Amu | Shwaas | Matrubhoomi | Page 3

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dude, wasn't there a similar real-life incident, that happened sometime recently? I forget the specifics, but I'm sure it was true.

By Blogger saranyan, at 9:57 AM 

You are right.
"Little Terrorist" is based on a true incident.

By Blogger pradeep, at 11:16 AM 

I would like to watch this one. Seems to be interesting. Heard that Page 3 made a good statement too.

If you are into such stuff, check out the mother of all satires/ social statements : Jaane Bhi Do yaaro..I have seen in umpteen times. Never have I got bored of it. Just brilliant.

By Blogger The Last Blogger, at 3:10 PM 

Will these films page3/little terr hit theatres?
I also wanted to see 'No Exit'..not sure about the title..but its a movie made by tamilian, which deals with call centre..

By Blogger JaganLee, at 4:52 PM 

DVD (that has both "L Terrorist" & "R to Ladakh") is a tad expensive at 25$. Guess its not out on Netflix yet. Dont think that will happen ever. Still if any of you guys manage to get hold of it do find a way to send it across.

Seen "Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro". Weight-uga phillum! :)
Keep sending suggestions.

By Blogger pradeep, at 7:45 PM 

Page 3 is a mainstream movie. It should hit screens here in US. Not sure abt "LT" though.

"No Exit". Missed that in the list (thanks dude)! Heard abt it, but never registered the director's name (google helped: "Anand Alagappan". Now onto making a full-fledged movie. Great news)

1. B Lenin's (of Lenin-Vijayan editing combo fame) "Ooruku Nooruper" [Winner of The National & Swarna Kamal awards for Best Director] Movie's cinematographer is Alphonse Roy (also the cameraguy for "No Exit" & Emmy Award Winner). Seen him in the making of "The Great Cats of India" documentary for National Geographic. Great talent, not widely known.

2. "Kutti" - Liked it a lot. Vivek in a neat little role. Thotta Tharani's Cinematography for a change.

3. Has anyone seen "Kanavu Meipada Vendum" (also from Janaki Viswanathan, maker of "Kutti")? Interesting story. Paakkanum.

[Add to the list please]

By Blogger pradeep, at 7:55 PM 

Alphonse RoySlide Shows & Alphonse Talk

By Blogger pradeep, at 8:29 PM 

of all the movies mentioned here, I have only seen Jaane Bhi Dho Yaaro. clean comedy movie. how can we forget that mahabharatha scene :-)

By Blogger saranyan, at 12:03 AM 

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