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Monday, January 17, 2005  


Cassini (the mothership) was launched on the 15th of October, 1997 to study Saturn and its moons. After travelling for 7 long years and a safe touchdown, first pieces of information have started coming. Titan was chosen for this $3.2Billion research exercise, as the satellite is known for its thick atmosphere thus mimicking Earth's atmosphere during its formative years. Here are sound clips that a traveller may have experienced inside Huygens (the probe) during the descent. Listen to alien atmosphere!

Time Cover on a possible Titan landing [from 1952].

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Interestingly I have viewed Titan while at PSG Tech Astronomy club. We used the 8 inch telescope (the largest we had that time) and could see saturn with its rings and titan (was a small dot).
usually, its "sani (staurn)" that is looking us, but for a change I saw it that day :-))

By Blogger saranyan, at 4:40 PM 

Not surprising!
Given that you guys even got a mention in The Hindu. But dont remember what that was for. If I remember well, a Physics Prof was your head. Has the club grown bigger now? Any news?

By Blogger pradeep, at 7:59 PM 

absolutely right. dunno what they are upto now :)
I was the treasurer of the club :)

By Blogger saranyan, at 12:35 PM 

En kitta kelu Astronomy club oda karasaramana vishiyangal !

By Blogger The Last Blogger, at 1:13 PM 

Paran, club-oda Treasurer-a?
Idhayaenda appo sollala?

Ranga, idhulenna kaelvi? Matter-a poattu oda.

By Blogger pradeep, at 8:02 PM 

Astronomy club oda board members:
Manoj - secretary
V - joint secretary
paran - treasurer
anand and sreekumar - members (if i remember right)..

I shall leave the rest to your imagination :)

By Blogger The Last Blogger, at 7:55 AM 

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