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Thursday, January 20, 2005  

Mini on wheels

PopSci, not long back, ran a piece on a Czech enthusiast's high-tech car. One that he had equipped with Apple G4. Jirka Jirout fitted his Czech-made Tatra that allowed him to start the heater via text mesg, or gain GPS access apart from fun for his passengers (net, DVDs and such). If thats that last year, guess what a Mac Mini could inspire! Classic Restorations, a NY-based company has a plan. [How much does an in-car GPS solution cost? And does it have wi-fi access?]

Own a PC already? KVMs such as this could be an easy fix should you get a Mini.

lots of Airbus A380 pictures | cabin.

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KVMs are always good. You can get ones even cheaper and they are really useful for people with multiple machines at home or work. I have been using KVMs at work for more than 4 years now and they are truly Godsend.

I am intrigued by the Mac Mini car restoration. Would like to say how it looks and works, once its unveiled.

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