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Saturday, January 08, 2005  

Picture park

Courtesy: Donald Agarrat

Striking! Photoshop-ed, he says, but I can tell you it just isn't so easy. Merging multiple exposures requires lots and lots of patience. Donald Agarrat's photoset, "Composites", look so natural. Attagaasam!

Elsewhere in Flickr: "Technique" | "Utterly Surreal" | "B&W" | pinhole shots as this | pinhole group.

People just dont stop with cams. Here are some cool images taken using scanners: portrait | fullbody | objects.

Flickr is a lovely place to hangout. What is in there that makes you return back...and again? Coz, "flickr is a MMORPG", observes an interface designer. More from him >

...Flickr is an example of what I think of as “vertebrate” or “narrative” or “trunk-and-branch” UI. In contrast to most web sites and apps which simply present a list of options (usually in a brutally straightforward way), flickr’s UI has a backbone. It presents a primary “plot” (upload photos and look at other people’s photos). This backbone gives users an immediate sense of the “story” of the site.

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