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Wednesday, January 19, 2005  

Smart Soldier

Courtesy: Encore SoftwareSituational Awareness and Tactical Handheld Information - (SATHI - also referring to 'friend' in Hindi) is the latest for an Indian soldier. Code-named BAAZ, this is being produced by Encore Software (people who co-developed Simputer), the first time such work has been delegated to a non-DRDO firm. A soldier can now track each other's positions, jointly plan moves or share details on maps with command HQ. Works on Linux platform.

Sathi is an integrated battle computer with Global Positioning System (GPS) and radio, customised Geographical Information System (GIS) – a navigational tool displaying military maps and location of other devices – and enabling field sketches with a customised symbol library for map marking. Weighing 875 gm, it can easily fit into a soldier’s palm and also has a remotely operated self-destruction and activation feature for preventing misuse by unauthorized persons.

"I am reminded of the `smart soldier' of the 21st century." ~ APJ

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nice toy. hope doesn't land up in enemy's hands.

By Blogger saranyan, at 10:57 AM 

I hope its been coded well. If you remember, a month or so back (day after CHristmas), a Delta subsidiary had all its flights cancelled (about 1100 of them a day) because of a systems glitch. Turned out, the programmers had put in a variable that could take a maximum of 32000 booking changes at a time and given a snowstorm that preceded the date in Ohio, the bookings change max was hit and the entire system crashed. Took 3 days and a few million dollars to fix it.
Cant afford to have buggy systems in the battlefield.

By Blogger The Last Blogger, at 12:18 PM 

Mere fact that the project had to leave DRDO premises speaks volumes abt its credibility. And even if we are to allow lapses, atleast the self-destruction part must have been taken care of.

Trials are on in J&K.

[Ranga, to add to your Delta-story is the famous Metric Conversion Mistake in NASA's Mars Exploration. Should or should America not convert to the Metric system is another interesting debate.]

By Blogger pradeep, at 4:18 AM 

I enquired the company representative for a price quote. There is a similar "civilian" device on sale at their website. It costs around Rs. 12k for a mono-chrome screen and Rs 24k for a color screen. Looks good and I believe if a monitor and keyboard connectors are there in that portable device, it can be used as a "mobile computer" ;). A good gift for your friends and family in India.

By Blogger Kodak, at 7:19 PM 

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