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Saturday, January 15, 2005  

Take a bite

Mac Mini:
Ripping open.

Feel like carrying your Mini around town? Here's some help.

Also, Google Mini.

iPod Shuffle - Out of da box.
Review: Mossberg of WSJ.

Convert iPod to iPod Shuffle. Pls dont try this on yours.
iPod can now record stuff. Seriously. This hack rocks.

Video: Imagine an iPod world.

Charting Apple strategy. Neat stuff.

Mocking iFans. The Apple iProduct.
And then, Apple Haters Inc.

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While I love Apple products, I think they are ridiculously over priced. Innovative, classy, original. But at a very high price. Hence the links you provided appealed to both parts of me. I loved the accesories and Shuffle writeup as I enjoyed the Apple bashing.
Good post with nice links.

By Blogger The Last Blogger, at 8:28 PM 

Neenga apple fan'a...illa apple hater'a????

[Nayagan style. BGM..tin tin tin tintu...tutututu]

By Blogger JaganLee, at 10:28 AM 

[Nayagan again. Just to be on the same page, but really, me no Apple Hater]

Apple's probably trying to make up for the lost opportunities of the past. Overpriced or not, we dont stop buying them. Do we? :)

By Blogger pradeep, at 4:43 PM 

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