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Wednesday, March 30, 2005  

Yahoo 360 launches on invitation-only basis. [sample]
Revamped Groups. Flickr homepage has changed too. Yahoo looks elegant in its latest avatar.

Cool again. ~ Om Malik.

Yahoo 360. Xbox 360.
Engadget: Q | ...a marketing firm conducted a survey where they asked people whether they thought Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, or Nintendo N5 sounded more 'next-gen' (apparently Microsoft was worried that calling their new console the 'Xbox 2' would make it seem older or less 'cutting-edge' than the PlayStation 3) | Q

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I am still waiting for my invite. Looks good but I think any blogging service, once bloated, has the same problems. Also, how many ppl sign up for blogs in Yahoo would potentially determine how popular it is. For example, the one time sign in Blogger allowing us to post in all blogspot blogs makes it easy.

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