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Thursday, April 28, 2005  

4 Gig hard-disk, mp3/aac/wma, slide-out control panel: features that Nokia's new N91 boasts, apart from being a 'smartphone' [pic].

"share the songs" - not clear here.

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I was just about to blog about how such a phone is just not ready to be used, since we do not have batteries that can last long enough. Every time I use my iPod, I end up draining the batteries - if it was my phone, then I'd feel stupid at not being able to make a call since I was listening to Britney.. I mean AC/DC.

Or until they figure out a way to have separate batteries for the phone and the music player so that you can never drain the phone by using the mp3 player. It's a microdrive, not a solid state memory, so I'm sure it uses up a sweet amount of power.

By Blogger Anil, at 4:41 PM 

Good point Anil. Also talk about how fast the gadget heats up. Our "Chemical Brothers" have certainly been
found wanting.

To digress a bit, read that Hitachi is ready to launch fuelcell-based (methanol, if I remember right) laptops to let the juice stay longer. Silver lining.

By Blogger pradeep, at 7:10 PM 

I saw images and all of the new Nokia N series. Interesting phones but not sure how its going to pan out. Cant be too big but cant be too small since it needs to accomodate the 1Gig drive. Its a UMTS phone so will take a while to make it to the market. Lets wait and watch.

By Blogger The Last Blogger, at 11:26 AM 

Info: Found N91's battery life to be "12.5 hours as a music player, though this way short of the 30 hours offered by the Sony Ericsson W800. It is 7 hours standby and 3-4 hours talk time" [from]

W800 is not harddisk-based btw.

By Blogger pradeep, at 1:16 PM 

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