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Monday, May 16, 2005  

"If it doesn't need it, it hasn't got it."

'Over the years I've flown F15 fighters, done power slides in airboats, straffed the desert from helicopter gunships, but for sheer excitement this thing is off the scale.'

Top Gear calls it the "driving nirvana". Atom, a 'super'-car manufactured by a company that employs 7, enjoyed a never-before adulation in BBC's top-rated show. Near 600bhp when super-charged (weighs as low as 500kilos), 0-60 under 2.9secs, Lap timing just behind Ferrari F60 Enzo, excellent handling - for 29K pounds. [hear more]

DB9 put down. Well, if small firms could astound people as Ariel has, big brothers better watch.

Video: from BBC's Top Gear

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