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Thursday, May 19, 2005  

Personalize Google [= portal. i like it] | Earth [+]
Updated: Now, MSN Earth
Trackerless Bittorrent
Da Vinci
The story behind new Xbox design

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was reading some conspiracy theories on google last night... sergey is russian and both sergey and larry are jews... so google is a communist-jewish takeover of US!! :-)

By Anonymous manoj, at 11:42 AM 

Good to read, always.

Manoj, heard this? >>

"The Register is reporting that Apple is recalling batteries in 12 and 15 inch Powerbook and 12 inch iBooks sold between October 2004 and May 2005. Apple has set up a page with info on model number and serial numbers of batteries effected, and also how to get a replacement."

By Blogger pradeep, at 3:08 PM 

i read about the recall today morning. not sure if my battery needs to be replaced. Hope my house is not burnt down by the time I get home :)

By Anonymous manoj, at 4:04 PM 

i don't have to replace my battery.

the da vinci code trailer looks good. looking forward to watching this movie since I still havent read the book.

By Anonymous manoj, at 10:12 AM 

This might be difficult..but if you can, stay away from the book until next May. You'll probably be one of the few thousands amidst the few million who walks in without knowing the full story. Its a good masala book with all the makings of a good masala movie.

By Blogger The Last Blogger, at 7:45 AM 

Book's engrossing. Perfect movie material.
Manoj, good to know your house wasnt burnt!

By Blogger pradeep, at 1:13 PM 

Ranga, I don't think I will read the book before next May. I guess I didnt find the basic premise of the book to be interesting enough to start reading it. but I'm always up for a good masala movie.

By Anonymous manoj, at 8:56 PM 

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