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Thursday, July 07, 2005  

Flickr Pool : London Bomb Blasts.
Video: Sky News story [asf]
Wikipedia entry, already. This is super-fast!

Upd: Cameraphone videos and other images from London had this in common: no panic. This is remarkable, reminding me of the Bombay blasts ('93/'03) when the city sprung back to life almost as if nothing had happened. Terrorism expert, Mr.B Raman:

Q | In World War II, France surrendered Paris to the Nazis rather than let that beautiful city come under German bombardment. London refused to bend the knee. In the face of an aerial blitzkreig which reduced even the House of Commons to rubble, the British capital defiantly coined the slogan 'London can take it'. I doubt if six explosions, no matter how powerful, could shake Londoners.

Nor is London unique in maintaining its cool in the face of terror. I have vivid memories of Bombay twelve years ago. I was having lunch in a hotel next to the Air-India Building when the series of explosions immortalised today as the Bombay Blasts shook the city. The answer from India's commercial capital came the next morning; a gigantic banner hanging from the roof of the same building proclaimed that it was back to business. Whatever the financial costs of rebuilding the physical damage I remember thinking at that moment that the terrorists had lost the war of nerves | Q


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