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Monday, July 25, 2005  

Wizard of Widgets, Konfabulator, impressed Apple first and now Yahoo!

"Yahoo Buys Maker of 'Widget' Applications"
Yahoo's Widgets page

Guys at K have plans, among them nurture Yahoo's Developer community (Google Maps mania cant go unnoticed, yes). Their history and plans for the future made interesting >>

[thanks Ranga, for the info]

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IMO, dashboard is a pretty, useless application and the dashboard management is a UI disaster. The only time I open dashboard is when somebody comes home and I show off my powerbook.
My dad uses some of the widgets - converting units, dictionary, currency converter... but i still prefer google for these things.

By Anonymous manoj, at 11:12 AM 

I have tried the windows version. Manoj, although I dont have strong impression as yours, I did see it as fancy stuff. Just curious...why do you think it's a UI disaster?

By Blogger pradeep, at 10:05 PM 

How is the dashboard in OSX?
Its supposed to be real cool and all. I had Konf in my windows machine for a while. Memory hog. Slows the machine up...and as you noted, Id rather google things and get it done faster.

The Developer community is the angle Iam interested in. Google has so many third party working on its stuff with the API, what Yahoo does will be interesting.

By Blogger The Last Blogger, at 10:53 AM 

In dashboard, if you need to close a widget, you press the Cmd key and move your mouse over and then a close button appears. This 'feature' itself qualifies for a UI disaster. The latest 10.4.2 update includes a dashboard management widget which is an even bigger joke. And when Tiger was initially released, it required just a single click in Safari to install malicious widgets with no easy way of removing them. Reloading the dashboard is not so easy and without, I would have never figured it out.
All this is totally unlike Apple.

Ranga, the developer community is definitely what yahoo is interested in with the widgets. The number of google maps hacks out there is unbelievable and yahoo definitely does not want to lose out on the mind share.

By Anonymous manoj, at 1:43 PM 

Manoj, I see what you're saying. Now I need to try this thing on a Mac.

Ranga, this new competition is sure to entertain us for sometime.

By Blogger pradeep, at 7:00 AM 

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