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Monday, January 16, 2006  

Loved Sehwag's quotes, as always [deeds-of-the-day included nearing a 50-year old world record, scoring second fastest double-century]:
"We didn't lose a wicket in our innings and that must tell you something about their bowling"
"Shoaib didn't get a wicket and he hasn't lived up to expectations."
"Pakistan probably didn't want to prepare seaming tracks, and thought that their bowlers will get us out on flat, hard wickets. But we fought back well and are ready to play on any sort of track. It's not a good wicket for a Test match and if we have to play a drawn series, there is no use coming here. I don't think it will produce a result and tomorrow will be more like batting practice."
"At least we got seven wickets, they haven't got even one."

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you wont believe it, i was rushing here to post a comment about the epic performance and you already had this post up.

one thing is sure, this is not our father's Indian cricket team. what a refreshing change in attitue. Shewag is one son of a gun. Loved his comments.

By Anonymous hellboy, at 12:25 PM 

Attitude is good. Especially when its backed up by raw power and an excellent game.

By Blogger The Last Blogger, at 8:30 PM 

hb, thats interesting! not our father's Indian cricket team: couldn't have put it bettter. Ever since Sehwag's formative days, Sachin has been his admirer (body language hints). Was wondering what must be so special abt this guy! Now I can easily imagine Sachin's relief after having had to put up with the team of 90's!
To add to yours Ranga, he never flinched even during his worst times [I know it's easy to get carried away by Sehwag's current success, but couldnt stop from putting this across].

By Blogger pradeep, at 1:07 AM 

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