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Thursday, January 26, 2006  

President's RDay note: "Need for compulsory NCC training for a minimum of 18 months to all our students". [make this a reality please]

+ Hi-res image of TN's float during the parade | Parade gallery

+ 20-year old Jitesh Vaid is the first civilian in a Sukhoi. [via BharatRakshak]

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Its about time we make NCC a mandatory thing for our high school kids.

Oh, did i say that i was a NCC cadet in high school (8th and 9th std) and went to a 12 day national trekking camp in Pune. We were 20 guys from TN batallion. We had great fun that i cherish to this very day :-)

By Anonymous hellboy, at 11:34 AM 

hb, I was in NCC too (first two UG years). :) Had my share of amazing experience in a camp (not National). 15 days. Unforgettable memories! NCC can create a positive impression, undoubtedly.

Lets hope!

By Blogger pradeep, at 12:52 PM 

wow, NCC in College. I bet that is a whole different level, it is really cool. :-)

By Anonymous hellboy, at 7:02 AM 

Yeah it was cool, but not many thought that way. The Khakis which should've normally attracted everyone were in such a bad condition that it kept many away. If at all our Govt plans to make participation compulsory it'll do good if such details are paid attention to.

By Blogger pradeep, at 11:09 PM 

yeah guys used to look down at NCC. the truth is many wont make it to NCC during the selection process.

all i can say is Donkeys and Camphor :-)

By Blogger Hellboy, at 11:55 AM 

Hi Pradeep,

Wassup,, it is after a long time that i am in ur (blog) neighborhood ...
I was in NCC myself (Navy), so we had nice white uniforms :-)
I like the idea of everyone experiencing NCC, but making anything compulsory, i am against it...

Making it attractive so that everyone would love to join them would be better idea than making it compulsory...

My 2 cents. :-)

By Blogger JC, at 7:27 PM 

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