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Wednesday, January 18, 2006  

Was on a Chennai/Tamilnadu picture hunting spree when I came across this gem [Gangai Konda Cholapuram]. Have heard about the place so many times from so many sources but this is my first glimpse of the complex. Good landscaping alongside wonders-in-stone makes for a pleasant view.

Meenakshi Temple [Man, what effect!] | Inside the complex

[pictures sourced from Flickr's Tamilnadu pool].

Never heard about the old Lighthouse in Chennai, until I saw this. [a fine Chennai photo set]

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Great link. And I have to agree. The photo of Meenakshi temple is just breathtaking. Too good.

By Blogger The Last Blogger, at 3:23 PM 

Amazing clarity, "Inside the temple" is another great shot. The lighting was astonishing

By Anonymous Bala, at 12:06 AM 

No doubt, guys.
Munnar, through this very special lensman's eyes - a great photoset. If you are going to pick one, check this.

Complete collection here.

Hello Bala, longtime! :)

By Blogger pradeep, at 2:30 PM 

Used to visit your blog almost daily, Prad. So no "longtime" there.

By Anonymous Bala, at 11:35 PM 

Never been to munnar though I wanted to visit many times. Very beautiful pictures.

By Anonymous prasad, at 11:52 AM 

Thanks Bala! :)

Prasad, you chose the wrong section, at school! Bala, didnt we go to Munnar on an excursion?!

By Blogger pradeep, at 7:48 PM 

Not me Prad, but if my memory serves fine, I think it was some place in Kerala where you went.

By Anonymous Bala, at 4:33 AM 

Thekkadi and Munnar were part of the package, I am sure. Alright whatever! :)

By Blogger pradeep, at 8:32 AM 

OK, now I'm not sure, just remember a photo of you on a boat with a deserted look on your face!

By Anonymous Bala, at 12:16 AM 

Deserted look?! :)

By Blogger pradeep, at 3:25 AM 

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