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Thursday, February 02, 2006  

Monorail in Chennai is such big controversy now. The proposal itself was totally unexpected (MRTS was all we had heard for some years now). PMK has moved the High Court against the plan (PMK's suggestion: Bus Rapid Transit System). Now Mr.Sreedharan (Delhi Metro fame) has criticized the project thus:
"The Tamil Nadu Government's decision to go for monorail for Chennai city to meet its growing traffic needs is most `unfortunate' as it will not help meet the transport requirement of city commuters"

+ Court restrains Government from awarding final contract

Update: TN Transport Minister's rebuttal (to Mr.Sreedharan's comments).

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Quite frankly I find Mr.Vishwanathan's response very unsatisfactory. All he is saying yes we considered it and our decision was the best. What about giving any factual data about why their proposal is a better option and why Mr.sreedharan is wrong!

I really hope something good comes out of all this.

By Anonymous prasad, at 7:26 PM 

Since we dont have the entire statement to review, cant say much. From what we've seen MRTS has taken forever. From funds perspective, Monorail could turn out to be a reality pretty quick. Chennai's growing fast; we need a quick and reliable solution. I hope long-term prospects arent compromised in the process though.

By Blogger pradeep, at 11:37 PM 

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