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Sunday, May 28, 2006  

Video: Schumacher controversy at Monaco [0:36]
Barely 24 hours after being judged guilty of one of the most blatant displays of cheating ever seen from a sporting figure of his standing, Michael Schumacher produced a performance to rank alongside any in his career. He finished fifth in yesterday's Monaco grand prix, having advanced from 22nd place on a circuit so tight that overtaking even one rival can occupy an entire afternoon.

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I may sound like a mad Schumi fan here, but I did notice that he was suffering from some understeer. Remember Ferrari have been complaining of lack of grip on their front end Bridgestones all weekend. To me, it did not look like a blatant cheat. But since it is Schumi and he has had a bad reputation in this regard, it is quite believable. Poor Schumi and Ferrari. They will have to live with this indignity for a while.

But that race by him was coming of a true world champion, vidicating in a way that he did infact not cause the "accident" on purpose. Anyways, just my ramblings on the issue.


By Blogger Umesh, at 9:44 AM 

Thanks for filling-in, Umesh. Couldnt watch the race and so reports are all that I had. The understeer problem is news.

Pitlane to finishing fifth. What more need we say?!

By Blogger pradeep, at 1:42 PM 

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